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Many people like to know a little about the company and the services they provide, so we'll use this page to provide more information about our business philosophy, history, and employees.


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Our Business Philosophy

Our business is dedicated to providing services to your satisfaction. We take pride in our business and our complete confidentiality is something we guarantee.

Our Company

We are family owned and operated. We have been in the janitorial business for 15 years.

Our Employees

A business is only as good as the people who work for it. Our employees are bonded, hard-working and trust-worthy people. Who work until YOU are satisfied!

Customer Comments.

The best advertising is word of mouth, so below we might include some comments from our satisfied customers. For example:

I've tried them, they are 1ST CLASS! Give them a call, I'm sure they will satisfy all your cleaning needs.

Thank You!

Cleaning Performance of 1ST Class Cleaning

They are prompt, reliable and did a great job on a consistent basis. It was always a pleasure to arrive home knowing that the house had been thoroughly cleaned.